Whether you are in need of personal healing, or are a dedicated student of the healing arts, you've arrived at the perfect time!

Welcome! For 13 years I have both studied and applied a unique form of energy medicine: Luminous Source Geometries (LSG), which combines sacred geometric symbols with focused patterns of light for the purposes of healing and transformation. After much practice, it is a great honor and privilege to share this art with you.

"Phoenix is all heart and passion. His ability to connect, empathize, and listen is unparalleled. He’ll guide you and empower you toward your truth and support you into vision and possibility."

Brionne Davis
Actor, Director, Speaker, Teacher

"During my transition from 3 years being a homeless vagabond to independent employment and financial stability, Phoenix helped me identify obstacles and work through them with effective practices and techniques. With his support I am living a radiant new life!"

Chitroop Taylor

"I found Phoenix to be a compassionate, genuine, passionate, and knowledgeable healer and teacher; a rare and unique soul. I wholeheartedly recommend his courses."

Heidi Bailey
Real Estate Agent

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